Surfacing the Deep and the Social Web (SDSW)

The simplicity with which users can publish content nowadays has made the Web the world’s largest database. Keyword-based search has become the de-facto standard for information discovery in this ocean of data, mainly due to its simplicity that makes it attractive to technically novice users. To answer keyword queries, existing search engines rely on effective indexes of the content that allow them to return the documents that best match the user’s search criteria. This generally leaves out the structure of the data, its semantic dimension, as well as the social aspects to which it may relate. We believe that, in order to exploit the full potential of the Web, structured and rich data will have to receive the same search and retrieve capabilities as the text data from Web documents. However, due to their highly structured nature, the rich semantics, and the data structures by which they are typically managed, a great deal of issues needs to be studied. As the problem is in general of a multifaceted nature, it requires synergies from many different disciplines.

This workshop is jointly organized by the Working Groups 3 and 4 of the COST Action KEYSTONE, which is dedicated to launching and establishing a cooperative network of researchers, practitioners, and application domain specialists working in fields related to semantic data management, the Semantic Web, information retrieval, artificial intelligence, machine learning and natural language processing that coordinates collaboration among them to enable research activity and technology transfer in the area of keyword-based search over structured data sources.

Since ISWC is the premier venue for presenting innovative systems and research results related to the Semantic Web and Linked Data, we feel that co-locating this workshop may constitute an interesting forum for you to present your research and engage in fruitful networking that may foster collaboration, leading to future joint publications and H2020 project submissions. You can also join the COST KEYSTONE network if you feel your research interests are aligned.

Proceedings for SDSW are published at CEUR.